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One of the easiest ways to explain association management is to compare it to a restaurant menu.


As an association, you are the customer.  You pick and choose what you need, what you want and what you wish to pay for.  Rather than food, you select from services.  

Simple Cursive Minimalist Wedding Menu .png

Appetizers (examples)

Meeting Planning:  We provide support for logistical, scheduling, and physical arrangements for conference-related activities.  Assist with meeting site selection and facility negotiations as required.  Create agenda and program development.  Develop and promote marketing materials as well as advance registration.  Provide onsite management.
Committee Support: assist in agenda development with the chair, facilitate communications with committee members, the board, and the membership. 
Communications Support:  ensure connection for your association and its members and potential members through compelling and targeted marketing through your website and social media pages.

Main Course (examples)

Administration:  Provide phone answering services. Collect, open, process mail. Provide timely communications. And maintain current records and files.


General Management and Governance:  Facilitate board action.  Attend meetings deemed appropriate. Communicate with leaders to develop agendas. Assist in agenda development with the president.


Financial Management:  Establish and maintain a system of checks and balances for cash management satisfactory to the treasurer and executive committee’s approval.  Assist in forecasting, budgeting, and managing financial resources. Process deposits and disbursements in accordance with association’s policies and procedures.  Issue invoices and timely financial statements. Coordinate with accountant and provide information necessary to have tax returns prepared and executed.

Desserts (examples)

Networking Events:  Creating, organizing, marketing, and managing golf tournaments. Puppy breaks, conversation café, fishing tournaments, networking dinners, educational seminars, and Zen den gatherings.  

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