Association Management - South CarolinaAn association management company is a firm of skilled professionals whose goal is to provide management expertise and specialized administrative services to trade associations and professional societies in an efficient, cost-effective manner.

As a good businessperson and industry leader you have to ask the question, how can we be more efficient, how can we streamline cost and how can we as leaders keep our association moving forward without getting lost in the day to day details of a non profit organization?

An AMC offers you the ability to:


Invest income in member programs rather than personnel, equipment, insurance and facilities.

An association management company allows you to replace the time you spend hiring staff, renewing equipment leases, paying insurance and other administrative details with time spent with your family as well as time spent with your own job. Your organization is able to save money by sharing the overhead costs among all of the clients. Associations Plus, Inc. would also provide your association with a centralized association headquarters.

Afford multiple staff experienced and trained in association management through shared resources.

An association management company can cost effectively provide you with combined experience and expertise to address your association needs and issues. Because Associations Plus works with multiple associations, all staff use a general best practices and standard procedures guide. The Associations Plus team attends continuing education and training throughout the year. Associations Plus also values the experience of managing clients from different industries.

Focus on industry issues rather than administrative tasks.

As you know, your time becomes more important each day and as your activities increase your time decreases. Years ago, people were not as busy as they are today and therefore were able to give more time to their association. Today, the need for associations increase as regulations and the need for education and information increase. An association management company can enable you, as a volunteer, to refocus your energy on industry issues and policy decisions. The management company will provide you with advice, structure and implementation of goals.

Customize what service your association needs.

Your association may want Associations Plus to provide full management services or you may only want a strategic planning session provided. Associations Plus offers you the ability to choose what service your organization needs.