The transition from one management to another is not always easy, but Associations Plus would like to help your organization in the process. Depending on your file organization, asset inventory and upcoming events, the thought of new management can be overwhelming to a volunteer leader. As a leader of your organization you want the transition to be as seamless as possible but might not be sure how to make that happen.

Associations Plus Association Management South CarolinaAssociations Plus would like to help you be better prepared for your transition by providing a transition checklist, provided by the American Society of Association Executives, that you can download. This tool will be helpful even if you are only considering a change.

The more complete information you can provide for your new management, the more seamless your transition will be. The available checklist will help you prepare for questions that will be asked and account for items that will be needed from new management.

Click below to download and review our transition checklist .pdf.

Transition Checklist